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Flights of Wonder


Flights of Wonder is a live bird show, featuring exotic species performing both natural and unnatural feats of wonder for what is usually a packed house. The stars of the show do not confine themselves to the stage (as you might expect from actors who can fly), but fill the theater with the beat of wings and (to a lesser extent) the sounds of their songs. The show is expertly presented by a bird trainer, with a lot of fun and just the right amount of education thrown in.


Flights of Wonder was the original Asia attraction, the only one to premiere on opening day in 1998. Indeed, it can only marginally be placed in Asia, as it is technically on the path between that land and Africa.


Flights of Wonder is just plain fun. As long as you are not nervous about birds buzzing your hair, you will enjoy this. The variety of species, the range of talents, and the sheer beauty of the performers is a wonder to behold. We have not yet run across a cast member host who does less than an above average job of handling the birds and pressing home the message, and the other non-winged participants have no trouble holding up their own end of the show. Add the fact that the theater is shaded but open to whatever breeze may be available, and this is a can't miss part of your day at the Animal Kingdom.

Touring Tips

  • The stage faces south-west and is uncovered, so during the mid to late afternoon the sun shines brightly on the backdrop, which can make photography and video difficult. Try an earlier show before the sun has climbed too high.

Hidden Treasures

  • Stick around after the show to get some close-up photos of some of the birds, and ask questions of their caregivers.


Hidden Mickeys

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