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A fast-food eatery with standard burger fare, Restaurant­osaurus is housed in the former quarters and office space of the paleontologists who "founded" Dinoland U.S.A. The several dining rooms are decorated with the old equipment of the adult workers, and the graffiti of the graduate students from the nearby Dino Institute.

This is the most basic of WDW counter service restaurants - burgers and chicken nuggets dominate the menu, with a vegetarian burger and mandarin chicken salad being the only nods in the general direction of low-calorie healthy food. The full menu can be browsed at AllEars.Net.

Nearby to Restaurantosaurus is Dino-Bites for ice cream. Other quick bite locations in Dinoland U.S.A. are Dino Diner (hot dogs) and Trilo-Bites (turkey legs).


This restaurant used to be sponsored by McDonald's and served the signature french fries from the fast-food institution.


The move of Donald's Breakfastosaurus to Tusker House (as Donald's Safari Breakfast) has caused this restaurant to revert to bland and unimaginative American fast food. Only the truly hungry, or truly picky, will appreciate this eatery. Still, the theming is first-rate, and the ample dining space would make this a good spot to eat your Picnic in the Park, as long as the Restaurantosaurus crowd isn't too large.

Touring Tips

  • Search the dining areas for the many cases where the students have "improved" an otherwise boring English word by adding the suffix -osaurus.

Hidden Mickeys

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