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The Park Entrance is not a land, per se, but since the Animal Kingdom's version of Main Street, The Oasis, is an immersive experience, we separate the entrance area from it. Here you can find a couple shops, the non-Disney Rainforest Cafe restaurant, and the usual guest services found at all Disney parks. At times, a closing "show" is performed just outside the entrance to The Oasis where Disney characters wave goodbye from the truck that also stages The Adventure Begins. Don't wait around expecting anything more - smile and wave, then move on to the tram.


Nothing has changed at the entrance since the park opened. In fact, one of the ticket booths has a dragon head over it, still waiting for the opening of Beastly Kingdom.


There isn't much here to review. Ticket booths, turnstiles, and the usual guest services are all about the same as in any Disney park. The stores do not appear to have anything that can't be found elsewhere in the park.


    No attractions in Park Entrance.


    No shows in Park Entrance.


Various characters pose for pictures and sign autographs in the morning and for a short time after lunch. Even Governor Ratcliffe has been spotted.



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