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Maharajah Jungle Trek


Maharajah Jungle Trek is a walk-through wildlife exhibit themed to the adjacent village of Anandapur. This trail winds through the ruins of the temples and hunting lodge left by the departed Maharajahs, now given back to nature by the residents of the free and independent village. Here you will find a wide variety of Asian animals and plants, and of course the tigers.


Maharajah Jungle Trek is all that's left of the original plan for an Asian safari ride to counter-balance Kilimanjaro Safaris in Africa. The original plans called for a raft ride through animal habitats, but the final design separated the viewing areas from the thrill ride.


Maharajah Jungle Trek is a worthy counterpart to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail in Africa. The Imagineering really shows through here, with the aging and decay of the temples and hunting lodges carried out to Disney perfection. The animal selection here is perhaps even more exciting, with the Komodo Dragons and Asian Tigers topping the bill. This attraction is a great way to while away the time before your Kali River Rapids FASTPASS window opens, or before your advanced dining reservation arrives.

Touring Tips

  • If you'd like to see the tigers looking like wild animals, rather than your household cat (sleeping all the time), try to visit the Maharajah Jungle Trek in the morning, or within an hour of closing time.
  • Approaching the tigers really close to closing may give you an even better show, as they queue up for dinner near the fountain.

Hidden Treasures

  • The birdhouses in the aviary are a delight in and of themselves.


Hidden Mickeys

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