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Cretaceous Trail


Cretaceous Trail is a series of walking paths (more like a maze sometimes) between Dinosaur, Restaurantosaurus, and Dino-Rama. Along the way, guests see various statues of dinosaurs, as well as Dino-Sue, replica of a large T-Rex skeleton. Some of the plants are examples of species that existed in the age of the dinosaurs and survive today.


The real Dino-Sue was actually assembled at the Animal Kingdom during its early days, with guests permitted to watch the work. The original reconstructed fossil is now at the Field Museum in Chicago.


Cretaceous Trail just can't hold its own against Pangani Forest Exploration Trail or Maharajah Jungle Trek, primarily because none of the exhibits move, eat, or even breath. Also, it is not nearly as long, and not sequential, either.

Touring Tips

  • Many people end up here when looking for Dinosaur.If you are one of them, just keep wandering and eventually you'll find your way out.
  • At night, there's no one on the trail - it's a little eerie, but also nice after a crowded day.

Hidden Treasures

  • Looking closely, you may find some tossed-aside excavation and paleontology tools, although after more than a decade of underbrush growth, some of them are really difficult to spot.


Hidden Mickeys

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